Our Story

Peek A Booth is a family-owned business that was built as a passion project of the owners. We wanted to share joy while offering top-of-the-line service and equipment, so we set our vision on not only being a fun photo booth company, but also being the best San Antonio photo booth company.


Our mission is to help every client take their events to the next level with our state-of-the-art photo booths, backdrops and equipment. We believe that our photo booths offer a one-of-a-kind experience that not ony helps you remember your event, but makes your event more unique and fun as well!


We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality photo booths, cameras, software, lighting and equipment. Whether you’re looking for a way to perk up a company party, create lasting memories at a wedding, or just create a fun environment for your next event, our Peek A Booth photo booths are sure to offer the best experience and value.

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What Makes Peek A Booth Special

Think all San Antonio photo booth companies are the same? Think again! At Peek A Booth, we offer a unique experience and service that is unmatched in the San Antonio, Hill Country and South Texas areas. See what makes us different and better to better understand why we’re the best photo booth company in San Antonio!


At Peek A Booth, we believe that the most important thing about renting one of our photo booths is that you have fun. That’s why we make it easy and simple, and do our very best to take any added stress and pressure off your shoulders as you prepare for your event. Our rentals include:

  • Best products and equipment in the market
  • Affordable rates and straight-forward pricing/packages
  • Pre-event set-up
  • Post-event clean up
  • Custom selected backdrops
  • A full array of props and accessories
  • Ability to customize appearance of photo booth to match your event
  • Photo gallery posted online after event

Photo Booths

At Peek A Booth, our people are awesome, but our photo booths are the real rockstars here. We offer the best, highest-quality photo booths on the market. No matter which booth you choose (click here to see our options), you’ll enjoy the following features at your event:

  • High-Resolution pictures
  • Patented up/down column to keep camera level without tilting
  • i7 processors for lighting-fast responsiveness and social media sharing
  • Portrait or landscape image layout
  • Built-in RGB LED lighting
  • Booths versatility helps create multiple configurations and stylish set ups


The backdrop or background of your photos is almost as important as the photos themselves! At Peek A Booth, we offer the best backdrops for your event. Click here to view all of our backdrop options!

  • Over 20 backdrops to choose from
  • Green Screen backdrop available for customized images
  • Variety of fabrics available, including tension fabric, sequin, satin rose rosette and more
  • High quality backdrops reduce wrinkles, glare and flash hot spots
  • Featuring an open-concept Nautilus curved backdrop


The software in our photo booths is cutting edge and top notch. Below are some of the software features you get with Peek A Booth:

  • Software always updated
  • Upload GIF and Boomerang EFX
  • Upload Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram ready files
  • Add multiple filters to your image
  • Create videos and slow motion videos


Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of your photos. When you rent a Peek A Booth photo booth, you’ll get:

  • Tube lighting with stand and flashbox
  • 3-Point lighting arrangement to minimize dark spots
  • Cordless lighting – no tripping or ugly wires to avoid
  • Brightness adjustability to customize your shoot
  • Diffuser to change light to a warmer color so it doesn’t hurt your guests’ eyes


What good is it to take high-quality photos of your event if you can’t take them with you – or even worse – they look awful once you do? At Peek A Booth, we offer the highest quality printers for every event. All of our photo booth rentals come with:

  • High resolution, DNP 620A Printer
  • Best printer on the market for photos
  • Clear resolution, no smudge, accurate colors
  • High-speed printing to get you back to your party faster


We pride ourselves in giving our clients exactly what they want, and in many cases more.  With the versatility of our Peek a Booths, we’re able to customize your event from its physical appearance to the users experience.

  • Hundreds of custom templates to chose from
  • Custom start screen (video commercial, slideshow or custom template)
  • Custom photo booth and printer LED lighting and uplighting
  • Design your own custom backdrop
  • Brand our photo booth with your company or event logo