Enhance Attendee Experience at Your Next Event

Enhance Attendee Experience at Your Next Event

Make your next event a hit with these helpful pointers from Peek A Booth!


There are a lot of advantages to hosting a successful event – it builds your customer base, increases brand loyalty, and puts the name of your business out there. But how do you make sure that your guests have a good time? They don’t want another one-dimensional experience. Be considerate of the attendees at your event, and you will benefit from it – guests will remember your brand, and a fun evening may persuade them to attend next year’s event, too. Read on to learn more about how to host an event that your guests won’t forget, by creating a personalized and memorable experience for them:


1. Pick an accessible and beautiful venue

Your guests will appreciate an atmosphere of style and elegance – but don’t compromise the location for aesthetic purposes; the venue should be accessible and convenient to travel to. Clearly communicate to your guests the name and location of the venue so that they know exactly where to go. A confusing set of directions or a venue that’s too far away will deter your guests from attending. The venue that you select depends on the nature of your event. Is it indoors or outdoors? Does it hold 20 people or 50? Check that the venue can handle the capacity of your event. If any of your guests require accessibility services, make sure that the venue can accommodate them, like with ramps for wheelchairs. In the venue, rethink the standard arrangement of tables and chairs. Rather than seating your guests in straight rows, try a curved shape so that they feel more encouraged to talk to one another. C-shaped rows instead of straight lines make for a more dynamic and engaging experience. Unusual angles and creative use of space will make your event more interesting to your guests.


2. Enhance your event by using technology

One way to engage your guests is by using an event app which will allow your attendees to participate in presentations. They can answer questions on their phones or submit responses for polls. Guests will appreciate access to an open internet connection at your event. You might think that a small event doesn’t require network security, but you’d be surprised – the owner of Constant C Technology Group writes, “Cybercriminals don’t discriminate based on size… in fact, they LIKE to target small businesses because they usually have the least amount of in-house IT support and protection.” It’s important to protect the safety of your guests and your business. If you plan on involving technology in your event, make sure that your network is safe. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing the security of your guests, which would create the wrong kind of a lasting impression.


3. Hire a catering service

Events go hand-in-hand with large platters of food. Who doesn’t appreciate an array of sandwiches or drinks when attending an event? Hiring a catering service will prevent your guests from being too hungry to focus on your speakers. Be considerate of your attendees when you think about what types of food that they would prefer. To further personalize the experience, ask your guests for catering requests in advance. Take note of any dietary restrictions that might endanger certain guests. Are any of your attendees intolerant to gluten or allergic to peanuts? These are questions you should ask before selecting a catering service. To avoid leaving anyone out, offer multiple options for food so that both meat-eaters and vegans can leave your event feeling satisfied. 


4. Rent a photo booth

Don’t just lecture your attendees all night – involve them in your presentation to create a meaningful experience. Providing a photo booth at your event will make sure that your attendees aren’t sitting in their chairs for the whole evening. Guests can take photos with stylish backdrops or use a green screen to add customized images. They can even use props in their photos, like silly hats, sunglasses, or signs. It provides a fun outlet for attendees to show their adventurous sides. Your guests will have a photo to remember the experience by, and if they upload their pictures to social media, that means more exposure for your brand. Plus, renting a photo booth will ensure that the photos are high-quality. You can trust that the pictures will be clear and well-lit instead of blurry and grainy. Involve your guests in your event and make it a night to remember by renting a photo booth. Group photos are also a great way to make your attendees feel like they are part of your presentation.


Hosting a large event isn’t easy, but your guests’ experiences of it should be. To create a memorable event, follow the above tips to boost engagement among your guests, and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. Guests will remember events that are personalized, accommodating, and unique. To better your brand and your business, host an event that engages your audience, with the help of Peek A Booth Photo Booths. Contact us for a free quote today!

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